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  • Front of the house Trattoria I Masenini Verona
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Trattoria i Masenini

Trattoria I Masenini is the restaurant in Verona's historic town centre that offers you dishes from italian cuisine tradition, made using only the best available ingredients and with a modern touch. We're a short walk from the roman Arena and right in sight of Castelvecchio - the Scaligeri's family castle. The menu offers recipes typical to Italian cuisine, revisited with an original twist and respect for the tradition.


Stemmed out from the inventive imagination of notorious Elia Rizzo, the Trattoria I Masenini wants to offer a fine and approachable experience to its guests, and our effort has been prized with a mention on the famous Michelin Guide this year again.

At the head of the kitchen, Davide Zanetti with his young team, will offer you a full taste of all the Italian delicacies. From veronese horsemeat strips to roman bucatini cacio e pepe, from milanese style veal chop with the bone to our fiorentina t-bone, already venerated by many veronese customers.


The floor and the dehors looking over Castelvecchio are vivaciously managed by Stefano. Witty, smart and genereous, at the helm of the Trattoria since the opening in 2006, always assisted by the sweet and meticulous Loredana.


The wine list too mirrors the frankness of the cuisine: except for a champagne selection from artisanal vigneron, the list comprehends only Italian wines from traditional and high quality producers.