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Trattoria i Masenini

Trattoria in the historic center of Verona, a few steps from the Arena, which opened in August 2006. In a short time has become a landmark in the city for the quality of food, the unique atmosphere and the amazing sensations given to its guests. 

Elia Rizzo, who grew up in a historical inn managed by parents, relives this experience with the trattoria "I Masenini": the memory of the past and the flavor of traditional Veronese and Italian. 

From the room you can see what's happening in the kitchen, the flaming spit that turns and the busy cooks are at the same time a fascinating show and a guarantee of quality of service. 

The room is entrusted to the management of Erica and Stephen, with their professionalism and their smiles, making the atmosphere even more charming. 

Why "I Masenini"? 

Year 1836: a small group of conspirators from Verona used to meet in the inn adjacent to our kitchen, plotting to take action to defend Italianess. 

We humbly steal the name to these Veronese heroes to emphasize the pride that inspires us to propose a style of cooking genuinely Italian.